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Pleasantly surprised with the depth of the analysis. I took the advice on board and improved the script. I would recommend the service. The consultant provided a highly detailed report, complimenting the strong parts of the script and offering very constructive ways to improve on the areas that need more work and attention. They were very complimentary of my writing style, and offered me a lot of encouragement which is greatly appreciated. The consultant used specific examples from the script to highlight their points, which was very helpful and demonstrated how thoroughly they had read my screenplay and understood the story I am telling.

I am very happy with the feedback and appreciate it immensely, after working hard on this screenplay for the last 8 years. I will definitely be using Industrial Scripts for screenplay feedback from now on. Very clever analysis. The reader clearly had a deep understanding narrative but more importantly had the foresight to offer truly effective fixes. The analysis was good. I did all the things that were recommended by the reader. The report was delivered on time. I found the script report above and beyond what was promised, very detailed and perceptive with suggestions that I am currently working on in the second draft.

I am pretty confident it will be a better script as a result, so it was absolutely worth the money. I received really fast, detailed and helpful feedback. Exactly what I need to get my script in the best possible shape before sending out. A very well thought through and well-considered analysis that identified several issues with my script that I had been blind to. The fourth time I have used IS — which tells you all you need to know.

Ashley Sanders. The analysis was very well considered and thought through. It pointed out several short-comings of my script and in many instances specific things to improve. I found it invaluable in rewriting and my script is stronger for it. I have used a lot of different script services over the years, and work in the film industry, and I can tell you that in my experience Industrial Scripts are the best and most consistent. Heavily indebted to Industrial Scripts for the review and feedback I received. There was an even balance between highlighting the good in my case, plot and dialogue and the negatives clarifying actions and rules of thumb.

Above all, what I found encouraging about the review is that the reader seemed to genuinely WANT to be engaged with the material. To be given a fair chance is all most writers ask for and if you want to take your script forward and progress with the craft, a service like this is invaluable. Thanks again! Very helpful analysis. This clear cut critique enabled me to see flaws in my script that I could not see on my own. A crucial sentence written by the analyst gave me the answer to a question I had been wrestling with regarding an alternate ending for the script. Most importantly, this service gave me free access to Talent Connector.

Excellent quality of feedback with detailed and relevant action points making it easy to know where to improve and why. I will use again with confidence. Well worth the money. Another great report from Industrial Scripts. As well as detailed feedback about the structure and characters, the analysis also provides advice on how to make the script more commercial — which is the first thing it gets judged on when you send it around. The page citations are exceptionally helpful too! As always, an extremely valuable service. This is the fourth time I use the analysis service and I all I can say again is that this is the best online service for screenwriters without doubt.

The coverage reports are always on time, are very clear and and precise. I really appreciate having this option since it is the best way to advance properly with my scripts. I have recommended Industrial Scripts to all of my colleagues. Excellent service. The report was far more detailed than I expected and noted aspects that I never would have considered. Highly recommend for anyone looking to hone their writing skills!

This report was mostly just a synopsis of the plot. Not much advice on how to improve script. I had a report from Industrial Scripts on my short film script. Not in the sense that it was flattering… more that the reader had really taken time to read it and understand what we were trying to do. The references were hugely niche, but bang on. The reader was incredibly well chosen for the project, and really knew their stuff.

The criticisms and suggestions were constructive, and phrased in a way that helped the writer and the director interpret and implement the readers comments without any conflict arising. Fiver star service. Worth ever penny. Another excellent report, received in good time. Top notch work as always and will return for sure. The feedback we received was honest, professional, and highly valuable during the latest edit of our screenplay. Analysis arrived at the time promised and was extremely well prepared. A complex and difficult historical story had obviously been seriously analysed and returned with positive and inciteful comments…..

Another excellent report. Top notch work as always. Very clear, structured analysis of my project, with concrete suggestions on how to make it better. Will definitely be using this report again! Really impressed by my coverage report from Industrial Scripts — it went into so much more detail than expected, and it was great to be given notes by someone who clearly knows their craft and has a passion for film. The turnaround time was even faster than anticipated, and it was really eye opening to read a different take on the story.

Most importantly, however, it has encouraged me to continue with the script, which for me is worth x the price! As a first time writer, with a first ever draft, to be taken seriously and given thoughtful, in-depth feedback was a real boost. There was some contradiction with what was advised in the notes, but overall I think the service is excellent. I will definitely be using Industrial Scripts again soon! Been using this site for a while now and always get good notes to help me improve my work.

Highly recommend. Hugely detailed notes, comprehensive and full of constructive advice and suggestions. The reader clearly had spent time with the script and obviously knew it very well. I will certainly be submitting the next draft for more of the same, now vastly improved thanks to the coverage. You know when you get an IS review that it will offer you sound advice on moving forward with your next draft.

They were delivered on time, and were complete, concise, intelligent, and organized, with many film references and helpful suggestions that we will consider in our next draft. I will use Industrial Scripts exclusively for all future script analysis needs! Incredibly helpful service. Despite reading the reviews I was still surprised by the quality and level of detail contained with the 6 page report.

Most importantly, the report included numerous pieces of actionable feedback which I have managed to incorporate into a subsequent draft. Would definitely recommend this service. It highlights issues in a constructive way and equips you will all the tools needed for a stronger rewrite.

Once again a very useful and informative report from Industrial Scripts. Their script coverage reports are developmentally invaluable. These guys really know their stuff! Highly informed and insightful analysis. Will certainly be using them again for future projects. Received the report earlier than expected, and with so many useful and very specific notes—from someone who has clearly spent a lot of time studying this genre. Could not be more pleased. Would recommend this service to anyone. The report was early delivered and extensive.

Very comprehensive and measured report. Quick turnaround much quicker than expected. Would highly recommend. The feedback is concise and packed with very useful analysis, which hits the right tone between industry expertise and how the work strikes the reader as an individual — professional feedback and audience response in one! The report covers the very important macro analysis while also keeping an eye on any problems and details that might have been overlooked. For me, I am in no doubt that this is money well spent.

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I would heartily recommend. Does exactly what it says on the tin. A full and comprehensive review of my script with useful and insightful feedback. Excellent analysis which always has an encouraging spin and Industrial Scripts connections to the industry make this a worthwhile purchase every time. I will continue to use this service for all of my script ideas.

After a solid month of trying to figure out which coverage company to go with I finally chose Industrial Scripts. I was very happy with my grade Honorable Mention , and I was very happy with the feedback as well. The feedback was everything I was hoping for. Overall: Very satisfied. I love my report so much! The report is so intelligent and well-written, helped to give me a good perspective on the project and the suggestions were perfect for this draft.

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Really thrilled, thank you! The TV comedy script analysis highlighted problems which lay hidden to us writers, it emphasised the need for additional character development in the story and provided insight for future drafts. The scope of the report covered a breadth of industry aspects, from plot pacing to marketability each note was backed by at least one citation lifted directly out of the pages of the script. The reviewers possessed an in-depth understanding of genre and structure alike, to the degree of which they were able to reference the same shows we use as precedents for the concept in our pitch.

This is a great service which I have and will continue to recommend. A good, honest assessment of the potential of the project. Also, there were several very sharp and poignant notes on how to improve the screenplay by mainly strengthening theme and characterization. Very useful.

I found the report to be extremely helpful. It broke down as a one page summary with a further three pages of detailed, practical notes. I have recommended this service to others already. A great and insightful report which carefully highlighted problem areas that need further development, while also encouraging you in areas that do work, giving you the pep you need to conquer the next draft.

Really top notch report. The service was extremely punctual. It was very interesting reading a summary of the script by an experienced reader, and the advice I received was balanced and contained lots of useful points. Interesting coverage, if slightly frustrating to read. But the report was detailed and extensive, and the consultant had clearly engaged with the material.

This course taught me so much about screenwriting. I am now looking towards developing and showcasing my talent as a great writer with a certification from Industrial Scripts. I will recommend your services for those looking to improve their skills. An excellent service — the analyst provided a very constructive critique — identifying strengths and weaknesses and solutions re the latter. Very happy with my review and I incorporated the feedback. People read and interpret differently. This was the second script I submitted to Industrial Scripts and this time I opted for the 14 day service.

The report arrived, as expected, bang on time and just like with the first report it was clear and extremely value added, with useful feedback, encouragement and tips to improve the script. Given my experiences with Industrial Scripts I would have no hesitation in using them again, or in recommending their services.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of my report. The analyst completely understood the genre and many nuances of the script and had clearly read it thoroughly. The report very clearly highlighted the problems with the screenplay and why they thought it was a problem, but in a very professional and clear manner.

I will most certainly be using this service again. This was an excellent analysis provided that enabled me to improve the overall quality of my script. It provided a thorough analysis touching on many important points and themes to my script. The analysis was constructive, direct, and exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend this to any new writer. My reviewer was obviously an extremely erudite person. I would highly recommend the Film Forensic Notes service to all serious screenwriters. I received excellent feedback and suggestions which I feel will greatly improve my script.

Industrial Scripts never fail to disappoint. Every time I pen a new draft I know, for a myriad of reasons, it is ultimately better then the last. I would urge any writer to dive in and try it. I know first hand how hard it is to get industry people to read and analyse a script, as well as the danger of getting the right people to read your script too early, so to get anonymous and frank detail is something I personally really need at this stage of my writing life and something I save my pennies for.

My report was delivered on time and I really the felt the reader invested the necessary time in the project to truly get to the core of my script. The feedback was all extremely helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to others. Excellent and detailed coverage.

The consultant had an in-depth understanding of the genre and story, and took the time to point out specific examples in other films in that genre that worked well. All of this information was conveyed honestly and constructively without ever being dismissive or negative. And, it arrived one week ahead of schedule. The TV pilot feedback report arrived on time and was detailed and insightful, helping me to revise the draft further, with confidence that I was heading in the right direction. Very detailed notes highlighting areas of the script that required revision.

Fast turnaround. Good notes service! I received very detailed and helpful feedback in a timely manner. I wholeheartedly recommend this service. I received a detailed report that went from macro to micro — how the story worked as a whole down to specific details with page citations! I could get a friend or any schmuck off the street to tell me that my script is good or bad, but to give a detailed critical analysis with notes and suggestions … with page citations!

I definitely felt like I was being taught by someone with great knowledge of the industry and the craft, but also someone who was a very good trainer. Whilst the focus is on writing for UK film, the principles of act structure and storytelling are universal. Totally recommend for anyone considering getting into screenwriting. The course 30 May 15 leader was very informative, knowledgeable, funny, eloquent and still passionate about film.

Could not ask for anything more.

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  2. Syd Field was a scriptwriter and author who claimed that anyone could produce a screenplay.
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  5. Oraison funèbre de Marie-Thérèze dAutriche (French Edition).

My report outlined the strengths so I knew what was working and took the time to detail the weaknesses and at times also suggest ways problems could be fixed. My analyst clearly read the script and took the time to dig into its heart to make it better. An impressive read, I must say. We received a very good and detailed report which highlighted our problems and offered advice on how to proceed with further development. Excellent, detailed, actionable and helpful notes. The consultant brought to bear a wide range of critical lenses through which the view the work. Both praise and critical comments were backed up with specific examples from the script.

All analysis is there to help you grow as a writer, and I can honestly say that these reports have helped improve all aspects of my writing. Great course. Fantastic course! I found it so helpful and came away with a lot of clear concise information! But, with Industrial Scripts, I was pleasantly surprised. My script will be rewritten, and I will be getting another coverage report with this company. Unquestionably one of our services which delivers the most value-for-money, this highly affordable consultation can save you huge man-hours. Help us, help you not waste your time!

Ah, the TV or Film Treatment. So mysterious, so vague. What is the correct length? What is the correct style? Is there an industry standard? Time spent honing treatments, in our experience, is hugely valuable during the script development process. Indeed, many believe the true test of an idea is whether it can be told effectively over 10 pages of prose. But if it does hold up, well, then this service is the one for you…. Like a clown? Like I amuse you? But, on the flip side, the easiest to break in to — if you really are funny.

One of our most popular services, our TV Drama Analysis is perfect for those developing a drama for TV, be it a 4-parter, one-off, or returning series. One of the first services we launched way back in , and still one of the best. The volume of time, energy and emotional effort required to write a market-ready screenplay that actually has a credible shot at impressing the powers-that-be is considerable. Our Film Forensic Notes is statistically our most popular product over a 4 year period. We have delivered hundreds and hundreds of Film Coverage Reports in the last 4 years. All rights reserved.

Exclusive eBooks on complex areas of screenwriting, free produced screenplays, inspirational materials and more…download ALL our free resources at the link below!

Film Forensic Notes

Hollywood's Finest Script Coverage. With the hard data to prove it Latest Verifications. View All Services. Just some of the companies our consultants have worked for Our 12 Script Coverage Services. All our services come with the following as standard:. Film Forensic Notes. Full Description.

Our consultant reads your script and preps for the session in advance. Brief post-session report included. Eligible for Talent Connector free. Film Coverage Report. Film Dry-Run Report. Mirrors internal script coverage within prod companies. Synopsis, grid and summary analysis included. TV Script Report 60mins. TV Script Report 30mins.

Short Film Report. The 1st step in our script doctoring process. Service is not a script notes or coverage alternative — please do not book expecting it to be. View sample quote below. For TV and film scripts. Act 1 Report. Corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax issues. Cleans up extraneous scene description. Delivers a super smooth, industry-standard read.


All proofed scripts will be returned in Final Draft. Which Logline? Send TV and film pitches, or a combination of both. Our 12 Premium Services: At a Glance Visit our comprehensive knowledge base here. Why, today, is script coverage so vital then? To answer, let's try a little equation There are more and more screenplays being written every year. But the number of bona fide agents, managers, executives and producers hasn't risen at the same pace. There aren't more industry eyes to read these extra scripts.

Let's see that in image form again. The good news is that Hollywood is more hungry for great scripts, writers and ideas than ever. The Deepest Analysis Multiple specific page references and GWC Guaranteed Word Count reports no double-spaced, padded-out nonsense of honest, actionable script notes mean our script coverage stands apart. Precise Grid Scoring Our grids , so common among the script reports used by producers and agencies, let you know precisely where you stand in a crisp, visual way.

From a WB Consultant When you dig under the skin of many script companies, you'll realise they were created by people who didn't meaningfully progress in script development Good in a Room and The Black List are two exceptions. Longevity and Trust Script companies and consultants come Close Ties to Industry In business since , our industry connections run deep. A Spectrum of Services With 12 script development services you can be sure we have an existing offering to suit your needs. Talent Connector All scripts which achieve an "above Pass" rating from our script consultants are eligible to have their project championed, for free, via Talent Connector.

Amazing Free Learning Character-Driven , our blog, is one of the leading screenwriting resources around.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it Remember those verified reviews mentioned above? You don't need pro script coverage to improve as a writer per se, but you do need it to know whether you're ready for the big leagues, and to prevent premature career self-sabotage!

Advantages vs Disadvantages. In business since Concrete, guaranteed minimum word counts on reports. Precise, forensic, no BS, non sugar-coated coverage with specific page references. Hard-core, professional, low-churn crew containing the best script readers around. The Others. A new one slithers out weekly! Started by someone who never progressed in script development. Vague, double-spaced page count promises. Vague, evasive notes containing lazy, identikit, auto-pilot comments and false praise to keep you enthused.

No satisfaction guarantee, tread carefully! Our Script Coverage Guarantees the following Guaranteed Word Counts We don't promise "pages" of notes anymore. Close Textual Analysis All our arguments are supported by close textual analysis. No Lazy Notes Empathetic style which has your back. Clear Action Plan Our reports deliver a crystal-clear action plan to move forward to the next draft.

Choose Your Reader You can choose your own reader depending on their sub-genre speciality. Fast Turnaround Fast turnaround times. Our Script Coverage also delivers the following The Deepest Notes When you book with other script consultants you'll soon notice that while they promise "5 pages", their notes are often formatted in such a way that the word count is actually quite low. Targeted Notes Engineered to Help, Not Preach We won't promise to like your script, and if you're after just praise and an email saying we'll walk it in to Paramount, you've come to the wrong place there's plenty of outfits that'll take your money and do that.

Inexperienced writers book bargain-bin coverage and "gurus" Why do clients book IS? Check out the graphic below In a nutshell then, here's what you get We've been saving writers and filmmakers from premature script submission since Industrial Scripts. Specialist Script Developers Since Without it, the end product will fail.

Six questions we're always asked Do I need script coverage to sell a script or get an agent? You absolutely do not. What happens if I don't agree with the script coverage? How qualified are your readers? And who are they? Do I really need script coverage to improve my script?

Again, no. How fast can I get my coverage? We have 2 turnaround tiers: 1. Standard 14 days max 2. Rush 7 days max Additional fees for Rush are displayed at checkout. Can I have the same reader I had before? Yes you can, and you can even select your reader according to their genre specialism. You are made of stern stuff, you reached the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading! So: seen enough to realise we won't let you down? Get Script Coverage. First Name. Last Name. However, other local crew members, including Joseph Batiste and freelance writer and location scout Greg Womble, came to film crew gigs with careers in film making in mind. A love for film and scriptwriting led Womble to work as a location scout, helping to lure productions to the city and state. Regardless of job titles — production assistants, sound utilities, location scouts or any of the slew of strange-sounding behind-the-camera position titles such as grip, key grip, gaffer and best boy — local crew members agree that one job on a film crew leads to another.

Womble agreed. People look out for each other. Plus, word has spread that Birmingham and Alabama-based crews are knowledgeable and valuable assets. Films with large or small budgets create local economic impact in many ways, but for crew members, the biggest impact comes in the form of pay and benefits. During production, film crew members are paid weekly, Sellers said. Because of the involvement of Union Local , which represents most crew members, production workers and studio mechanics get a pay check and help with benefits.

In addition to payroll, the economic impact of film making is far-reaching, said Buddy Palmer of Film Birmingham, an initiative of Create Birmingham that is often a first stop for production personnel looking at the Birmingham area. Local crew members say that working in filmmaking requires flexibility, long hours and learning the jargon as well as the way filmmaking operates. Work days can be long and work weeks longer, the crew members agreed.

Assignments, too, are detailed on a call list. And, sometimes, the assignments are last-minute, too. Batiste says film jargon can slip into everyday use. Both Sellers and Sappington were not total strangers to show business when they began working with film art directors building items for sets and locations.

Film Forensic Notes

Both have worked three decades as stage hands — setting up for music concerts at venues in Birmingham and north central Alabama. In the stage hand world, Sellers is a rigger, the person who hangs equipment from the ceiling — lights, cameras, banners, anything that hangs. Stage hands who wanted work with films joined Local , and many still work in both fields. Sappington, an Irondale native with more than a dozen movies on his studio mechanic resume, is, like all Local members, technically a studio mechanic.

Studio mechanic is an all-encompassing title for crew members with varying responsibilities. Other studio mechanics fill technical and support roles, like production assistants and utility positions that work with sound or lighting. A builder since learning the ropes from his father, Sellers said his experience helps.

His big adjustment was emphasizing speed over quality in the work product. None of the items Sellers and others build for film sets are supposed to be permanent. The quick changing cabin was needed to appear at various stages of construction in the movie. When freelance writer Womble began work as a location scout, he called on his experience writing and directing a short film plus work in video production and radio broadcasting to help him build a reputation as a location scout.

A student of scriptwriting with two of his scripts making it to the screen, the Samford University graduate said working with creative artists on the front end of productions appeals to him. Drama is about real life usually. He usually works directly with a film producer or a production designer. Womble encourages locals with interest in film to consider pursuing work with film crews in some fashion. Having that first couple of credits for some type of production or film work helps, he said.

Roughly people packed the sidewalk in front of the Robert S. Vance Federal Building and U. Courthouse in downtown Birmingham Tuesday to protest conditions in migrant detention centers across the country. Read more. The Birmingham City Council voted Tuesday to place a temporary moratorium on new self-storage, mini-warehousing developments in the city.

The ordinance halts all city involvement in the development of those facilities — including permitting and zoning — except in areas already zoned as M-4 Planned Industrial or I-4 Industrial Park districts. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Gaston Motel. For others, it was a place for wedding receptions and fancy dances. In , the U. Board of Education struck down racial segregation in schools. After two months of waiting, Jefferson County Commissioner Lashunda Scales wanted some answers today concerning the health care authority being designed by UAB Health System and Jefferson County and expressed concern that commissioners are not more involved in the process.

County manager Tony Petelos said answers are still to come as he and leaders at UAB continue discussions in the due diligence phase of the negotiation to form a new system for indigent health care. Scales expressed concern about the lack of involvement of herself and her fellow commissioners. The new members are Col. Their terms expire in The New York Times is banking on them caring enough to invest 30 minutes of television time a week to watch those stories come to life.

A series of emails released by the University of Alabama System show the dispute that led to a parting of ways with mega-donor Hugh Culverhouse preceded the comments he made about abortion. Most, according to one survey, have been assaulted or harassed. Recently, an openly gay Huntsville teen who was bullied took his own life. Organizers of a proposed charter school for LGBTQ students in Birmingham say they want to establish a place where young people can feel secure.

Birmingham-area projects to prepare local workers for jobs likely to be in demand were among those that got support from Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham in its May round of grants, the foundation announced this week.

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Whenever White House adviser Kellyanne Conway appears on a TV news or talk show, I switch the channel to more useful programming, such as the Home Shopping Network selling something in which I have no interest. Conway, who traffics in distortion and lies, is among the media circuit regulars who has spawned industry debate as to whether some people deserve an interview and appearance ban.

A more recent repeat of the same issue, but involving a more offensive individual, occurred two weeks ago when conservative commentator and author Ben Shapiro, who could less politely be described as a hateful troll, was aggressively questioned by an interviewer on a BBC politics show. Shapiro, who unlike Conway does not advise a national decision maker but who is popular enough that he filled the lecture room at a February appearance at the University of Alabama , abruptly walked out of the interview on live TV.

It is the platform that legitimizes them, not how they perform when they are on that platform. Updated — Two IT companies have canceled or put on hold discussions about moving to Birmingham because of the abortion ban signed into law last week, according to Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin. Residents of southern Jefferson County could have been forgiven if they doubted that the widening of Morgan Road would ever take place.

After all, the project has been the subject of discussions for more than two decades. The area ranked th out of MSAs in terms of population growth rate, according to an analysis of census data conducted by the Public Research Council of Alabama. The Huntsville MSA led the state in percentage of population growth, ranking it 64th in the country.

It added 6, people to its ranks in the period. Other large metros in the state fell below Birmingham-Hoover in terms of growth, with Mobile ranked th and Montgomery th. However, those two areas lost population in , as did some other metro areas in the U. What did my church do to deserve all this? Two and a half hours proved not to be long enough for the event, sponsored by County Commissioner Lashunda Scales.

More than people attended the meeting, asking questions and listening to answers from Jefferson County officials about rising sewer rates that have left many ratepayers, including those on fixed incomes, questioning how they will shoulder the costs. Reviews were mixed as people left the ballpark.