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Deaf Sirens
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The total distance was just 40km. However, running fast but still ensuring safety was never easy task, he said. Loud speakers must be used to call on road users to make way, she suggested, adding that additional sanctions should be imposed on those violating the rules. Road users should also be taught the ways in which they are supposed to let ambulances through. Under the Article 22 of the Law on Road Traffic, issued in , road users are told to give priority to ambulances and fire-fighting vehicles.

The ambulances and fire-fighting vehicles are allowed to run in all roads without limiting their speed. Such oppressive world. Time to remove these barriers. I am deaf. I can drive. Don't Judgment on Deaf or Hard of Hearing. They had right to equal with Hearing Driver as same humans. Mary Miller, let me know when you're on the road, I do not want to be on the same road with you.

Driving is a privilege, not a right. You get to drive if you're mentally and physically able to drive. Your comments are offensive to me, but you are entitled to them, as I am mine. I have been for 20 years. I am heavily involved in the Deaf Community. People who are Deaf are just as "normal" as anyone else is, and what does that mean anyway? We are all different in some way. Deaf people are just as "normal" as you are. Regarding sirens, I cant hear them with my window up until they are right up on me, quite often.

This is true even if the car inside is quiet and no radio or other noise. I may hear them off in the distance, if my window is cracked, but not know from what direction they are coming, until I can see the lights anyway. Then, just like everyone else who finally sees the lights, I move over. People who are Deaf are very visual and are typically more attentive with their eyes than hearing people. Deaf people are just as capable as hearing people of driving. You may know some Deaf people who have no business driving, but I know many hearing people who have no business driving also.

It's likely not because of the ability to hear or not, but the fact that they are not good drivers. Since you don't want to hear the sirens anyway, lets just take the sirens away, and then revoke your privilege to drive, since then you will be on an equal playing field with people who are Deaf, now having to use your eyes more to see those emergency vehicles. We all know people who don't have access to the sound of the sirens can't drive well and shouldn't be driving anyway.

Deaf drivers are not licensed in Ghana yet as you seem to suggest.

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As a company we tour relaxed performances as standard model which means you can get up move around, leave and come back, do whatever you need to do and the show will stay exactly the same. It's mostly just impatient people. Deaf people also cannot drive busses or big trucks. Connect with us. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Battle Name.

The law does not prevent it though. The Licensing Authority of Ghana is currently working on modalities to allow deaf drivers on the road. We will like to learn from other countries how teaching and testing are conducted. I am deaf lady that I am right to drive over 40 years. I had no accident on highways and road. Deaf people , hearing impaired people and I can drive.

If they can drive, good for them, but I hate it when people write things like it's a right. Its not a right. If I can hear but don't pass I shouldn't get a license. Its a privalage. Rights are in the Bill of Rights and are listed. Driving is NOT a right, it is a privilege. Big difference.

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And the deaf people I know should not be allowed to drive. People say it is illegal to discriminate against a deaf person, and by the court decisions that is correct. However, will these same people stand up to allow a blind person to drive? I would hazard a guess; NO. My sister I deaf and has been driving 30 yrs. She has never had an accident or ticket in her life. She was stopped by an FHP officer with 3 of her deaf friends for avoiding a stop signal cut across parking lot he was very respectful and was able to communicate with the.

He gave them a warning and went on his way.

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The way people text and talk on their cell phone is much more distracting then being deaf. She passed all the requirement to obtain her license like everyone else, so if it's good enough for the state then it's good enough for me? Congrats on HOTD yesterday!

This was an interesting hub to show how the hearing impaired should have the same rights as hearing people do when driving the car. This was a good case study to read about and know too. A very informative hub highlighting the issue of whether deaf people can drive or not and the related laws in different countries. Congrats on HOTD! Re the argument deaf people can't hear what's happening outside the car, is that really any different to those who drive with the music turned right up, or with headphones on which I see quite a bit?

An interesting hub on an issue I had not thought about, thank you. Congrats on your Hub of the Day award for this post highlighting the issues deaf people face when it comes to driving. Interesting hub. I have a deaf friend. Such people must enjoy the fruits of life as other enjoys. In Pakistan driver license is not issued to people who are deaf, there is a rule in the book, and deaf people trying to remove that two lines rules. My deaf brother holds a valid driver's license in Puerto Rico. He had no issues getting one. Dave, I can feel my car. Anything seriously wrong with a car will have some kind of physical indication.

The car may shudder, shake, road walk, take longer to stop, take longer to start.

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It's all about paying attention. These are things many hearing people do not notice because they are listening only. I can tell when the break pads need changing because you hear a squeal, I feel a shudder located in the front right I can be this specific because such an issue came up with my hearing husband last month and I asked if he was ever going to fix that right break.. I was a hearing person who went deaf.

I did not drive for 5 years because I was terrified. What if someone honks?

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Deaf Sirens is a compilation of story telling poems that we relate to (Sirens) but often fall on deaf ears, hence the name Deaf Sirens. As you read you will. Born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas, the last of six children, I always felt that I should work extra hard even though there was no pressure.

What if an ambulance is coming? Did you know that most honks are unnecessary? It's mostly just impatient people. I don't care what they think. I have to pay more attention at the light.. I really don't have anything else to do but watch the light. I look extra careful when backing out, which we should all do since kids don't honk and they could be back there. If every car starts moving into one lane I know that either there's an emergency vehicle coming or there's roadwork ahead, either way I gotta move too, so I do.

I pay a lot more attention to what's going on around me. I have yet to find myself in the way of an ambulance or police car since I'm always having to pay attention. I know for a fact I use my mirrors way more than any hearing person I've ever met does. Deaf people need to pass an examination which is required of people who have disabilities. In my case, they checked only my field of vision. Hi there, where is the country of Israel that Deaf can drive? News categories Politics Technology Lifestyle More….

Deaf Drivers and Safety

Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Jobs in Switzerland Browse jobs. Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions. Other pages Noticeboard Discussion forum. Deaf protest over Switzerland's early-warning siren system The Local. Share this article. Protests were held in Lausanne, Basel, Bern and Lugano in order to raise the public's awareness of the issue, the federation said in a statement reported by news agencies. The current system, in place since World War Two, allows the authorities to warn the population of impending disaster using a network of sirens across the country.

When the alarms sound, people are advised to listen to the radio for information on what to do. Speaking to 20 Minutes , the federation's spokeswoman Sandrine Burger said the government should be able to protect all the population in case of disaster, but that was currently not the case. The government is currently developing a new warning system which would send a push notification to mobile phones.

Can Deaf People Drive? Some Surprising Facts

The Alertswiss system should be rolled out across the country in The country's annual siren testing took place at 1. Of the 5, fixed and 2, mobile sirens tested, 99 percent were found to be in perfect working order, said the Office for the Protection of the Population BABS in a statement.

The cantons and communes with defective sirens will be asked to fix them as soon as possible, said BABS. Popular articles Switzerland named 'world's best destination for expats' Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages Swiss international Isamaili's body found in Lake Como Mobile phones: The best deals for foreigners in Switzerland Switzerland unveils plans for refunds for late and cancelled trains.

Can Deaf People Drive? Some Surprising Facts

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